torsdag 28 juni 2012

it's just all so sad

I'm sitting at the office writing on my internship report for NHTV. I'm finishing it up with a conclusion. The conclusion is suppose to be a thank you to the company, and the experience I have had in London and during my placement period, and it just makes it all feel sad. In my writing I have to write like I'm not here anymore. Like I'm sitting by my desk in my room typing on my laptop.

Tomorrow it's my last day at the office, and I know I will still be in London until August but it makes me think how fast time has flown. My placement will be over tomorrow, and I will probably never sit behind this desk again.

I have 6 weeks left in London, and the first two will be filled with stressful report writing until I can finally relax and have some summer holiday. I want that day to come, but at the same time not cos that means I only have four weeks left in England. 

What do you do when you have found happiness but are  forced to leave?
I have found a life in London, the London life, and it suits me.
It seems like the only thing I do is saying 'Goodbye' to people I love.
Like I am always leaving. 
Why can't we just all live on one island?